Engagement of Stenography Services

After a booking is confirmed in writing, I would appreciate receiving an Agenda and copy of previous minutes at least 48 hours prior to the meeting date. I will arrive at the meeting 15-30 mins prior to the meeting commencement time for pre-meeting discussions.

At the meeting, I will require a suitable desk to use and prefer to sit at the main table with meeting attendees. I also appreciate being introduced to the meeting attendees.
For longer meetings I also use an audio recorder as back-up. These recordings are immediately deleted at the completion of transcription.

Following the conclusion of the meeting, I will endeavor to return the transcribed minutes within a 48 hour timeframe. This timeframe needs to be negotiable if the meeting is lengthy and detailed notes are required.

The minutes will consist of:

  • Attendees, apologies
  • Minutes/notes
  • Action items
  • Motions/resolutions
  • Action Items list
  • Draft agenda for next meeting (if required)

If  you do not have a preferred minute template, one can be provided and can be modified to suit your specific requirements.