Why utilise an experienced minute taker for your meeting?

Operating with the highest ethical values, our stenography and minute taking services produce documents that are concise, accurate, confidentially managed and delivered on time.

Our services ensure the following:

  • A personal approach, providing an experienced minute taker in attendance on-site, able to record the discussion first hand;
  • The opportunity to clarify any questions or actions in real time and record instructions and exact requirements;
  • A detailed, accurate and expertly summarised record of the meeting;
  • A thoroughly compiled account including attendees/apologies, minutes, action items, motions, resolutions and a future draft agenda, if required;
  • Thorough checking to ensure no grammatical errors;
  • Correct spelling of names and key terms;
  • Accurate explanation of abbreviations and acronyms, as required;
  • Confidential handling of all information at all times – “What happens in the boardroom stays in the boardroom.

With experience spanning a range of clients and industry sectors including government, not-for-profits, corporate companies, large sporting clubs, governing sporting bodies, mining, indigenous organisations, health organisations, universities, engineering, trusts and private schools, you can be assured that information will be understood and accurately recorded each and every time.

The service provided by Brisbane Minute Taking & Stenography utilises the traditional method of Pitman shorthand to precisely record information during meetings. This approach, while some would say is old fashioned, has the unique ability to record the exact detail of discussions, motions, resolutions and action points – ensuring the most accurate transcripts available.

Board meetings and other professional roundtables often encompass a broad range of topics, many of which are highly confidential. These can include a company’s financial position, human resource issues, organisational changes, legal matters, management reports and other business sensitive information.

The BMTS team provides assurance that your confidential business information is recorded concisely and with the utmost discretion is a key factor when comparing the services of a professional minute taker to that of an overseas agency or inexperienced administrator.

The decision to engage the services of a professional and highly experienced stenographer, minute taking and audio transcriber is an investment in information accuracy and consistency. Contact us today for a discussion and confidential quotation for professional stenography, minute taking services and audio transcribers.  Your business will have never been in more trustworthy hands.